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Jan 06

3 Nights, 3 Fires

For the 3rd night in a row, 27 was alerted for a house fire, this time on the Working Fire Dispatch just west of Gettysburg on Glenwood Drive (Box 1-4). Local PD went on scene shortly after dispatch reporting a working fire with upgraded the assignment. ET27 was placed in water supply. ET27 remained on the scene for over an hour assisting. No injuries were report, just more cold ears, hands and toes. 

Dec 10

Rescue Engine 27 transfers to Mont Alto

At 03:30 hrs this morning, Buchanan Valley FD was alerted to Mont Alto FD to cover their 1st Due while their department assisted in Waynesboro FD on a Working Fire Assignment. Rescue Engine 27 with a crew of 7 handled the transfer for a few hours, before being released.


Dec 01

Transfer to Upper Frankford, then to the Scene

Early this morning Engine Tanker 27 was alerted to Cumberland County Station 48 to back fill as the area units battle a Barn Fire. ET27 with a crew of 5 covered  the transfer, for a couple of hours before being called to the scene to assist.  

Nov 28

Brush 27 to Gettysburg on the Brush Task Force

This afternoon, several units  from Adams County were alerted to the Gettysburg Battlefield off Baltimore Pike near Culp’s Hill for a brush fire. Brush 27 was dispatched on the county Brush Unit Task Force.  Brush 27 arrived and assisted with mopping up hot spots.

Aug 02

Transfer to New Franklin

This morning at 0300 RE27 was alerted to transfer to Franklin Company 17 while their units operated on a working fire in Chambersburg. This was RE27’s first response since going in service. RE27 handled with a crew of 6.

Jul 30

House Fire in South Mountain

Yesterday Afternoon, Engine Tanker 27 was alerted on the Box Alarm mutual aid to Franklin County, 11388 South Mountain Road for a House Fire. First arriving units went of the scene with fire showing. From previous pre-planning it was known that it was a vacant house with “Collyer’s Mansion” conditions through the structure. Chief 16 ordered a defensive attack to knock down the bulk of the fire with exterior lines and ladder pipes. A tanker shuttle was set-up to haul water from near-by SMRC and a pond. Chief 27 was assigned as the Water Supply Officer. ET27 hauled 10 loads of water (25,000 gallons), as did several other tankers in the shuttle. The back step crew assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Crews from Adams, Franklin and Frederick Counties were on the scene for several hours before clearing. Photos above are from Denny Clopper. To view all his photos of this incident check out his page: 


Jul 01

Commercial Building Fire in Heidlersburg

Early this morning Engine Tanker 27 with a crew of 6 and majority of South Central PA responded to this multiple alarm building fire on Oxford Road in Box 25-2. ET27 shuttled several loads of water and the crew assisted with hand lines putting out hot spots. Firefighters battled this fire in hot and humid conditions for multiple hours before bringing it under control. Photo courtesy of 911Photography. To view additional photos click on the below link.


Mar 27

Franklin County House Fire

Engine Tanker 27 was alerted on the House Fire in Franklin County Box 7-1 on Meadow Lane in Greene Township. Initial crews arrived to find a working attic fire. ET27 assisted with hooking ceilings and supplied Engine 45.

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