Feb 01 2015

New Franklin Banquet Crew

For the last several years Co 27 has covered for the New Franklin Volunteer Fire Company (17) in Franklin County during their Appreciation Banquet.  Last night BVFD sent a crew of 10 to run the Wagon and Truck for the night.  The crew enjoyed the wonderful meal provided and took in 1 response with the Wagon for the auto overturned and smoking on Wayne Road.  BVFD and NFVFC have teamed up in 2015 for 2 large joint fund raisers. Check out our events calendar for additional information about the upcoming events.  #BVFD27

17 Hose Wayne Rd crash

Jan 24 2015

Pistol Drawing Winning Numbers


untitledCan’t begin to thank our supporters enough for all the continued support !! Another SELLOUT event ! Buchanan Valley FD would not be where it is today without the support of those who continue to attend our fundraisers, and lastly our hardworking, dedicated members who show up and work together to provide our supporters with the greatest experience attending our fundraisers. #BVFD27 #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors

  1. Para Ordinance USA Warthlog, 1911 Doublestack 3” 9MM Luger        157
  2. Ruger LCR-LG with Laser .38 Special +P                                              100
  3. Taurus Model 66 Stainless Revolver 7-shot .357 Mag                           278
  4. Sig Saur Model 238 Semi 2 Tone .380 ACP                                          267
  5. Smith & Wesson M&P 9C Compact 9MM Luger                                    466
  6. Ruger Model KSR40C Semi .40 S&W                                                    363
  7. Browning Buckmark URX Stainless 22 LR                                             314
  8. Stoeger Couger Blued Semi 9MM Luger                                                282
  9. Rossi Stainless Revolver 2” 5-shot 38 Spl                                              471
  10. KelTec P11 Semi 9MM Luger                                                                 438

Door Prize: (Choice of)                                                                                  103

  • Ruger GP100 TALO Special Edition, Wiley Clapp Influenced Design 1 of 2500 4” 357
  • Taurus PT1911 45ACP 5” PLSHD SS
  • Sig Sauer 229R 9mm

Jan 22 2015

Rescue Compartment Upgrade To Wagon

Yesterday, the Engine-Tanker returned back from 10-8 Emergency Vehicle Services after getting a rescue compartment make over.  Over the past couple years additional equipment has been purchased expanding the rescue capabilities of BVFD27.  With the addition of a Telescoping Rescue Ram and Rescue Struts, it was determined that a total new start to the compartment was needed.  The new design with allow for safer storage and quicker deployment of the tools.  BVFD27 would again like to thank the local resident for the donation of the Rescue Struts and Doggie Bags to BVFD27.  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.  Rescue Compartment

Jan 22 2015

Another Daytime Crash

On Wednesday (1/21) around 11:00 am, Co 27 was alerted for an auto over turned in the 6500 Block of Chambersburg Road (27-7 Box).  Engine 27 and Brush 27 responded on the run.  27 Units arrived confirming dispatch finding a Class 3 injury.   BVFD27 reminds drivers of the slick road conditions on Chambersburg Road during Inclement weather.  30 Crash

Jan 18 2015

Land Rescue

Last night Company 27 was alerted to assist PSP with a land rescue on District Road (27-2 Box).  PSP had been made aware of a stranded vehicle due to ice.  Special Unit, Brush and Chief 27 responded.  Units found the mini-van stuck in the hill section of the untreated Forestry Road.  “27” extricated 6 adults and 2 dogs to a staging area at Company 27.

Jan 14 2015

Another Slick Day in the Valley

Today 27 units were alerted for the Auto Accident in the 5900 Block of Chambersburg Road (27-1 Box). Engine Tanker 27 and Special Unit 27 responded to find 4 separate incidents on Chambersburg Road due to the slick road conditions. Crews investigated to find that all were property damage only and returned the assignment. BVFD would like to remind everyone to please use caution driving on the new section of Chambersburg Road during any snow/ice conditions. This area has been the host of several accidents this winter already.

Chambersburg Rd 2 Chambersburg Rd 1

Jan 14 2015

1st Due House Fire

On Sunday morning, Members woke up to Chief 27 calling in a house on fire at 1777 Buchanan Valley Road (27-5 Box) on Fire 1. As the Box was being dropped Engine Tanker 27 responded and arrived quickly to find a single story rancher with a working fire in the rear. ET-27 deployed 2 lines and quickly knocked down the fire in the rear. Engine 27 and Special Unit 27 arrived and was assigned to assist in opening up the walls and ceiling to stop the fire from further running the void spaces. Several Neighboring Departments assisted on the fireground in the freezing conditions. BVFD had a total staffing of 17 on the fireground. A special thanks to the BVFD Ladies for having breakfast prepared at the firehouse when the apparatus returned and to Engine Tanker 14 for covering “The Valley” while 27 units worked this house fire.

1777 Front

Jan 07 2015

Upcoming Training Classes

Buchanan Valley Fire Department will be hosting two training classes this Spring. The first class is the “Introduction to the Fire Service” (Module A). This is the first step in obtaining the Essentials of Firefighting Series. This class is produced by Bucks County Comm College.  The second class is “Minimal Staffing Truck Company Operations” produced by Traditions Training. Limited student space is available with preference given to BVFD members. If you are interested contact Chief Spielman as soon as possible. To view the flyers for more information on these classes visit: Buchanan Valley Fire Department Training

* Fire Ground Support (Module B) Class Added to BVFD Training Page * Contact Chief Spielman to enroll !

Jan 05 2015

Franklin County House Fire

At 13:55 today Engine-Tanker 27 was dispatched on the 2nd Alarm box assignment to Weatherstone Drive in Washington Twp. ET 27 arrived sending manpower to assist on the fire ground, meanwhile ET 27 assisted with water supply operations. Photos by: Steve Biesecker, Wagon Driver/Waynesboro FD



Jan 02 2015

New Adams County Radio Tower Visit


During morning rounds today the new 800 mhz Tower Site was paid a visit. This site is part of the new Adams County  Radio Project that has been in the works for years.  The site is located in the 27-6 Box almost 1 mile from the hard road.  Other Towers are also in the works in the first due area and should be completed hopefully by Spring.  More info to come…..

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