Sep 01

Seafood Feast – September 12th

Our next Seafood Feast is September 12th.  Tickets are going fast, call today to get yours.  As a reminder, Doors open at 4, Meal starts at 6.  Come out and see what you have heard about!  717-677-0870 or 717-677-9234 for tickets.  #BVFD27


Aug 30

House Fire

This morning around 2, Company 27 was alerted for a house fire on Mountain Drive in Franklin County.  Engine 27 and Engine Tanker 27 responded.  Franklin Co 7 arrived with fire showing.  ET-27 was the second arriving Engine.  Crews assisted with several tasks on the scene and the ET went in service around 0700.


Aug 27

Drill Night – Drafting

Last night was another Drill Night for BVFD.  Members completed a basic review of drafting and fill site ops conducted by D/C Parr.  After the review the Wagon and Pumper went on the air to set up a draft and also start the fall Preventive Maintenance on the local dry hydrants.   BVFD would like to thank the local property owners who allowed us to install dry hydrants on their property.  These dry hydrants greatly assist rural water supply.  #BVFD27


Aug 27

September Gun/Cash Drawing is One Month Away

Our Joint Gun and Cash Drawing with New Franklin VFC is one month away.  Tickets are going quickly.  Please remember that this Drawing has the Borderline Band following the Drawing.  Tickets are only $10!  See a Member of either Fire Department or call the Station.  Both Departments would like to thank you for your on-going Support.  #BVFD27

Sept Ticket

Aug 23

Exterior Firefighter Completed

Today all 16 Students completed their Exterior Firefighter Class hosted at Buchanan Valley Fire Department.  The next step is a 24 hour Hazardous Materials Class followed by Interior Firefighter.  Pictured is the class working the forciable entry simulator.  #BVFD27 #trainhard



Aug 21

Car Into Building


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Today at around 1000, Company 27 was alerted for the car into the building at The Village of Laurel Run (27-12).  Engine Tanker 27 and the Chief responded.  ET-27 arrived to find a 4 door car 3/4’s the way into the East Wing of the Main Building.  After a quick recon it was determined that the driver had self extricated and that the residents of the room were in the Dining Room having an early lunch.  Further investigation found that there was no structural damage to the building and the utilities were cut to that section.   After removing the auto from the building, the scene was left with the general contractor to shore up and begin repairs.  Franklin Rescue Squad 7 was also on the scene to assist with manpower.  As you will see by the pictures, there are two very lucky residents that would have been injuired if they were not at their early lunch

Aug 20

Smelser Viewing

Smelser Viewing

Last night Company 27 attended  the viewing of a past President and Charter Member Richard “Dick” Smelser.  BVFD would like to Thank the South Mountain Fire Department for covering the Valley while we attended.  The transfer crew responded on a working fire in Greene Twp while they were at the Valley.  #BVFD27


Aug 19

Gas Line Struck


Today around noon Company 27 was alerted for the gas line struck in the area of the Cottages at 6375 Chambersburg Road (27-7-30).  Engine, Brush and Chief 27 responded and arrived to find a low pressure line hit by a contractor.  Units remained on the scene until the arrival of the Gas Company and the shutting down of the line. 

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