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Apr 08

Crash on Big Flat

Brush 27 was alerted and responded to the Cumberland County Box 252-01 to assist on an Auto Accident. Brush 27 arrived and assisted with establishing a Landing Zone for air medical.

Oct 24

Brush 27 assisting on Mountain Fire

Brush 27 is currently assisting Franklin County units on a Mountain Fire on White Rock Road. Additional Photos will be posted later 

Sep 24

Brush Fire on Appalachian Trail


Friday Afternoon 9/23, Brush 27 was alert to Cumberland County Box 2-52 in the 200 blk of Ridge Road for a Mountain Fire. Brush 27 with 3 responded assisting the 52 units with locating the fire. The fire was a 30 ft area located 1.5 off the road near the Appalachian Trail. Firefighters carried rakes and bladder packs back to extinguish the fire. PA Dept of Forestry is investigating.

Sep 07

1st Due to Large Shed Fire

For the 2nd time yesterday, Buchanan Valley FD triple pulled (3 crews) for a woods fire. The initial alarm was dispatched for 19:57 tp the 1300 blk of New Road (Box 27-4). Engine Tanker 27, Engine 27, Brush 27 and the Fire Chief went responding on dispatch with staffing of 14. Communications advised Chief 27 shortly there after of additional calls for a shed fire and upgraded assignment bringing the 1st Alarm Box Assignment. ET27 arrived with a 20×30 garage with fire showing extending into the nearby woods. 27’s crews stretched several hand lines knocking down the garage fire quickly. The garage was a total loss. The Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall is investigating the fire.

Sep 06

27 Triple pulls to New Franklin Barn/Field Fire

Buchanan Valley FD was dispatched mutual aid to Franklin County Box 17-4 for a Corn Field Fire which extended to a nearby Barn. Engine Tanker 27,Engine 27 (off the transfer to Fayetteville) and Brush 27 responded with 14 volunteers. Crews remained on the scene for over 2 hours assisting with mop up. While this multi alarm fire was on going, Greencastle had a 2nd Alarm House Fire. Crews arrived to fire through the roof. As stated in an earlier post, it is extremely dry outside which will cause a fire to spread quickly. Thank you to Bendersville’s Engine 7-2 for protecting “The Valley” while we were out, we owe you !

Sep 05

Labor Day Brush Fire

As Several Local Volunteers were enjoying their Labor Day, the pre-alert was dropped for the brush fire heading towards a house on New Road (27-4).  Engine, Brush, Engine Tanker and AFC 27 responded with total staffing of 14.  Units arrived to find an accidental fire that was spreading quickly in the dry natural cover.  Lines were placed in service and the fire was extinguished and contained prior to the house.

New Rd 1

Aug 14

Apparatus Floor Completed

This past week, the Apparatus Floor changed its appearance. The original concrete which was poured in 1984 developed minor cracks and presented safety issues for members and visitors. Buchanan Valley FD researched Firehouse flooring companies and found a company that came highly recommended with multiple references. They arrived Monday morning ready to work. The entire floor was milled by a concrete grinding machine, and a leveling material was laid in preparation for the final coats of epoxy. After a few coats the floor is now a RED, slip resistant, level, and durable floor which will last us until the new firehouse is built.

Jul 23

Woods Fire near Birch Run

In the midst of a Heat wave, Engine Tanker 27, Engine 27, Brush 27, and multiple sourrounding apparatus responded to the 1200 blk of Pine Grove Rd (Box 27-3) for a woods fire. Units arrived to find a 400×400 area of woods burning. Extensive overhaul was required because of the deeply seated fire burning. With temps in the 90’s crews rotates into rehab every 15 mins to ensure they were hydrated and cooled down along with vitals monitored. BVFD would like th thank all the responders for their hard work in very hot conditions. Once again a mention of ET14 – Irishtown FC for covering The Valley while our units were out.

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