Apr 17

Release regarding EMS to Buchanan Valley residents

Emergency Medical Services have become a growing topic in Adams County this past year. Many questions have been brought forth from the residents & community members of BVFD’s 1st due response area about the upcoming EMS changes. Buchanan Valley Fire Department will continue to provide 1st Responder EMS responses to ALL incidents. Fayetteville FD EMS has provided its Ambulance service to Buchanan Valley FD’s 1st due area since 1998, and began providing Advanced Life Support services in 2000. Residents can expect the combination of Buchanan Valley FD & Fayetteville FD EMS through mutual aid agreements to continue to provide the same quality Pre-Hospital care with the same professionalism to the residents of Buchanan Valley as years past. Any additional questions, please feel free to contact Chief Mike Spielman or President Tim Baldwin.


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