Nov 16

Generator Project Completed


The 2015 Buchanan Valley FD Solicitation was planned/used to install a firehouse generator. The department choose this project after several events in 2013 and again 2014 that left the firehouse without power because of weather related events. With losing power to the firehouse, firefighters had to manually raise the bay doors, which caused delays in apparatus responding to emergencies. It also meant that there was no fire siren to warn residents on potential weather warnings. We were able to complete the project with the money donated this year from the residents of Buchanan Valley’s response area. The generator is sized a 60kw which will power the entire firehouse. Buchanan Valley FD is a dedicated location for community members to shelter in the event of natural disasters. We would like to recognize a few businesses that assisted in completing this project. They are Scenic Valley Enterprises LLC, Ketterman Electrical Services LLC, and Baumgardner’s Mechanical Services.

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