Dec 10

2016 Officers Elected

Last Evening at the December Monthly Meeting, the 2016 Officers were elected by the membership. These Officers took effect as they were read.  Congratulations to all 2016 Officers and THANK YOU to all 2015 Officers for serving our department and community.


President:    Timothy Baldwin

Vice President:    Nathan Woodward

Treasurer:  Paul Baldwin

Secretary:  Pam Bumbaugh

Chaplain:  Tyler Moritz

Board of Directors:  Paul Baldwin, Pam Bumabugh, Walter Wagaman, James Arter Sr, Michael Spielman



Fire Chief:    Michael D. Spielman

Deputy Chief:  John D. Parr

Assistant Chief:  Walter Wagaman

Captain:  James Arter Sr

Lieutenant:  Zach Jumper

EMS Captain:  Joe Diaz

Fire Police Captain:  David Myers

Fire Police Lieutenant:  Michael Wassuta

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