Jul 19

2015 Fund Drive

This week the Buchanan Valley Volunteer Fire Department will be mailing our Annual Fund Drive out to members of the community. Our fund drive is very important to the ability of BVFD to provide superior emergency services to the community. This year’s Fund Drive will be going directly towards our Station Generator Project. BVFD is in the process of having a 60KW generator installed to power our Station during power failures. BVFD has never had an emergency generator before. This Project will allow BVFD to operate during power failures. Currently during power failures  the station will not have running water or heat and firefighters must raise / lower the bay doors manually (3 man operation) and lose all telephone communication during power failure. As you can imagine, power failure current directly affects our ability to serve the Community. BVFD has received 2 Grants towards this project and with the support of the local Community via the Fund Drive, we will have the total funding for this turn key project.   Our goal is to have the Project completed in September. If you do not receive a letter in your mail this up-coming week and feel you should, please contact Chief Michael Spielman. BVFD handles our Fund Drive mailing in house and we do our very best to keep up with address changes. BVFD would like to again like to Thank Everyone for your on-going Support! #BVFD27  #Funddrive




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